Sterilization supplies and infection control products that help your team work with confidence and safety

Now you can turn to one reliable source for all your medical packaging needs.  Medi-Plus® provides an innovative line of sterilization and infection control products for use by hospitals and alternate site healthcare facilities.

As a unit of Bemis Healthcare Packaging, Inc., one of the largest global manufacturers of private label pouches and healthcare packaging components, Medi-Plus® will support you with over 70 years of combined experience in the flexible packaging industry.  Be assured our commitment to quality is always at work for you.

Sterilization and Infection Control Packaging and Accessories

Bio-Safe® Biohazard Specimen Transport Bag
  This economical specimen transport bag features a zipper closure and a separate document pocket with security flap to prevent loss of paperwork.
Cover-Up® Heat-Seal Sterility Maintenance Covers
  Easily closed with standard heat-sealing equipment, these covers protect your sterilized packs from those environmental factors which could compromise sterilization.
Cover-Up® Self-Seal Sterility Maintenance Covers
  Self-Seal Cover-Ups feature linear tear film for easiest opening and fast retrieval of items.
Hi-Performer® Self-Seal Pouches
  The Medi-Plus Hi-Performer self-sealing pouch has a removable process indicator strip for steam and gas eliminating the need to inventory separate indicator strips.
Medi-Plus® Pre-Folded Self-Seal Pouches
  The preferred pouch for all clinical settings since there is no heat sealer required for sealing closure. Medi-Plus self-seal pouches feature a patented pre-fold to assure accurate, fast seal without perforation holes.
Medi-Oxide® Tyvek® Pouches (Self-Seal) and Tubing
  Medi-Oxide sterilization pouches and tubing are indicated for low temperature sterilization methods such as hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, ethylene oxide gas, and peracetic acid.
Medi-Plus® Heat Seal Pouches
  These pouches embody the chevron-style peel pouch technology pioneered by Medi-Plus which continues to be the standard of excellence in the industry today.
Medi-Plus® Paper Reel Tubing
  A wide range of sizes in paper reel tubing allows you to custom package to the width and length of your product. Dual indicators for gas and steam assure process identification at any length.
Medi-Seal® Autoclave Tapes
  Medi-Seal brand autoclave indicator tapes provide excellent consistency for performance for the user.
MiniPak™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack
  A small, pre-assembled pack provides a reliable and sensitive test for detecting air leaks, pump malfunctions, and other vacuum failures that could adversely affect the sterilization process.
Rennco Lift-Seal™ Heat Sealer
  Easy, efficient operation heat sealer ideal for sealing any item to be bagged in polyethylene, flat or gusseted paper or Tyvek┬« pouches and tubing.
Securit® Specimen Transport Bags
  The unique patented tape-to-tape self-sealing closure provides a tamper-evident and leak-proof seal when properly closed.